#Mummaonamission's Mental Health Register & App Supporting Students With Mental Health Illnesses.. Let's Work Together To Make A Better Now.. &Future

     Why We Need Mummaonamission's Mental Health Register & App

This Picture Is of my Beautiful Jade and myself...This is why I need to see a change... On the 29th of March 2018 my beloved daughter took her own life while at university, she had been suffering with her mental health for many years ( Bipolar disorder ) looking into what help and support there is for a student going through a crisis I discovered there is not nearly enough support, this has to change..  she was also registered blind, had a scoliosis, and various other health issues, had to take some very strong medications for bipolar and pain control for other issues.. My daughter Jade was in the final months of a 3 year bio-medical course to which she was getting first class marks, she had become unstable many time's during her time at university which resulted in having to take medical leave and return home to her loving family, this occurred about 4/5 times meaning she was actually at university for 6 years, Jade would not give up and wanted to achieve the near impossible for someone struggling with different health issues.( I can confirm Jade did achieve the impossible.. she passed her degree ) Despite this Jade was a very determined and courageous young lady, she was loving, kind and always put her family and friends first. when Jade was stable she was the life and soul of everyone around her..

I can tell you that despite growing up in a very loving supportive family Jade suffered with her mental health, These issues can and do affect many people and as in my case it has shattered my worldTime has passed without my beautiful Jade, I am still grieving everyday every minute, I want to use this grief to make a difference..to ensure those who need help get the correct help in time. I will save lives and save any other family going through the living hell our family is going through.Thank you for taking the time to read my words and hopefully people will agree with me and help me on this big journey.

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Information For Students, Teachers & Parents



It is a document that students will fill out when applying to a university.

It will hold personal information about the student and medical information about any mental health illnesses, All records will be confidential unless a student gives permission for it to be shared, If a student is having a mental health crisis the student will not have full capacity therefore confidential information maybe  passed to those who need to know only, ensuring the students safety

The register will have a student disclaimer that must be signed and witnessed that will give permission without consent in a time of mental health crisis a staff member will give a 60second warning then enter a students room if danger to life is suspected.

This will save valuable time & Lives


The mental health register will be kept securely at university, with pre written permission by the student on application only the name of the student will be shared with staff and security incase of a crisis, The names will be held by staff and security at all times.

The App
All Information will be available on the App.
It will allow students to have choice as to what information they want made public on their profile.. ie type of mental health illness they have.
Students and teachers will be able to talk to each other on the chat facility giving each other more support.
Important Phone numbers will also be available, Samaritans, Emergency services & Mind also links to various websites.

The App will have a traffic light facility that students can use

Green button means you're doing well and are able to cope

Amber button means you're 
starting to struggle with your mental health illness, you would like to talk to someone

Red button means you're not coping you're feeling very down or suicidal, this alert will go straight to staff so they can help and support you through.

This system will be on your profile to all to see, this ensures you get help and support needed.


This will be a free service for students.
:The charity will ask the university's for a yearly donation to help pay for expert medical advisors to monitor the app and chat so the service is kept safe and will be free for students to use
:Public donations
:Volunteers fundraising
:Grants (Hopefully!)
:Mummaonamissions items
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