Together we will make a difference.. Together we will save lives.. 

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Here is a picture of my Beautiful daughter.. The reason I am so determined to help other students from the suffering that my Jade ent through and the heartache and devastation & horrendous grief I am going through...


This is my beautiful daughter

And this is why Im determined to help.. Last year I lost my beautiful daughter, she suffered with her mental health, she took her own life while at university, looking more into what help there is for students in crises.. I found that there isn't enough help, I plan on changing this!! Please support me in the incredibly important mission..
Here is more about what I plan to do with the funds raised.
I want to start a registered charity to help on going costs,#Mummaonamission for Mental Health.
There are 140+ universities in the UK, I will be visiting everyone and speaking to the heads of the university's about changing their policies and procedures, and why they need changing
I will develop a mental health register app for staff and students so help can be sort faster for those in need, staff at the touch of a button will be able see who is on the register and students and staff will be able to chat to each other giving advice and support, we need this for our children and we need it as soon as possible, lives are being lost, thank you to everyone who is supporting me do this.

To make a donation to my JustGiving page copy the link below.. thank you

My beautiful Angel... Missed & Loved beyond belief 

This was the last picture my Jade posted, this was a week before her mental health illness took her away...

Jade with her devoted partner Toffee

Picture shows my beautiful Jade with Toffee her devoted guide dog,  Jade was registered blind.. she had only 30% vision in one eye, her other eye had no vision, she did not let this stop her from doing anything.. including horse riding, kayaking.. duke of Edinburgh award and many more things.. Jade is a total inspiration to all  

My Jade and I.. 

Always the life and soul of everyone around her.. Missed so much by many